Match referee Chris Broad said Australia had “pushed, but not crossed” the line between fair and over-zealous appealing in the second Test against South Africa at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Broad said Shane Warne, at the leg spinner’s request, was scheduled to meet him last night to discuss his appeals and reactions – and perhaps the complexities of the leg before law as it applies to slow bowlers.

However, Warne said later that the meeting would not go ahead after all.

“Australia are a very competitive unit and they play the game in a very competitive manner,” Broad said.

“Their appealing is kind of borderline – and there are certain umpires who might take action.

“In this particular game no-one has. That’s the individuality of the game. Some umpires are more strict than others.

“There is a line. The line has been pushed in this game but according to the umpires they have not crossed it. I am happy with that.

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Aussies warned over appeals – Cricket – Fox Sports



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