Who is telling the truth here – the media or Raj Singh? Is it a case of sensational journalism or is Raj Singh now retracting from what he said.

The case does get more curious by the minute.

A day after the controversial remarks that got India’s tour of Pakistan off to the worst possible start, Raj Singh Dungarpur, the former BCCI chief who is manager of the squad, emphatically denied that he had made disparaging remarks about Sourav Ganguly. Calling it “irresponsible journalism of the worst kind”, Raj Singh told Cricinfo that the footage shown had not involved live quotes, but merely indirect ones.

“I have tremendous respect for Sourav, and he has tremendous experience,” he said. “My job is to make every member of the side as comfortable as possible. I have been manager of the Indian team four times and would never compromise on my integrity. I am really amazed. I’m sad and I’m sorry. I’ve made no such statements. My picture has been shown on the television channel and I’m not speaking anything, and they’re saying that this is what he has said.”

Cricinfo – Dungarpur denies lashing out at Ganguly



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