The swashbucking Sehwag says what we have known for quite some time “there is too much cricket being played”.

How much rest do the players ideally need? “I think after every series a player should get 20 to 25 days rest. If a player gets three to four months’ break in a year, it is good for players and good for the BCCI also.”

His recent poor form, which saw him average just 15 runs in last 9 Test innings and 31 in his last 15 ODIs, is seen by Sehwag as something that happens to international cricketers.

A slump suddenly “comes into your life”, and in some ways “I was ready for that”, he says, adding “I was just praying to myself that this patch will go quickly, but that did not happen”.

A novel question that he has posed is if a bowler can appeal then why can’t a batsman?

The Telegraph – Calcutta : Sports



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