Australia has made the final in the last 3 World Cups, of which it has won two. It won against India in the last World cup, won against Pakistan in 1999 and was runner up against Sri Lanka in 1996.

Consequently (and rightly), Australia’s methods in cricket are studied. Everyone wants to learn about the secret to their success.

And so it came to pass that Australian cricket coaches were (& still are) in high demand around the world.

But the question must be asked – are they really that good & how big a factor is coaching in cricket?

Consider the results.

In the current ICC Champions cup, being played in the Indian sub continent, not one of the sub continent teams have managed to make it to the semi finals.

Traditionally, sub continental teams have always tended to do very well playing on their home soil – it is the visiting teams that used to struggle.

Each of the subcontinents teams now have a foreign coach.

India has Greg Chappell, Sri Lanka have Tom Moody, Bangladesh have Dav Whatmore, all from Australia whilst Pakistan have Bob Woolmer (who played for England).

The recent results have certainly left a lot to be desired – so the question is are foreign coaches really worth it?

The most angst in the media seems to be directed at Greg Chappell. His constant shuffling of the batting order aimed perhaps at confusing the opposition, seems to have confused his own batsmen in the role they play.

He & captain Dravid experimented with the batting all year long, but when the time for improvisation came yesterday, there was none.

The number 3 batting position has been rotated among so many batsmen, it is almost laughable. In some ways, the 3 spot is reserved for the best batsmen in the team – Ricky Ponting does this for Australia.

For India it has been on occassions over the last 18 months Irfan Pathan, Dhoni, Dinesh Mongia and a host of others.

Performances & results are what each coach will be judged on.

Based on their current performance, there is no question they are under the pump.

Aussie coaches feeling heat in India


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