After India’s disastrous World Cup campaign, Ian Chappell, the brother of current Indian coach, Greg Chappell has suggested that it is time for Sachin Tendulkar to retire.

Ian Chappell who is always forthright and not known to mince his words, suggested in his column in the Mumbai based Mid-day news paper that “At the moment he (Sachin Tendulkar) looks like a player trying to eke out a career; build on a glittering array of statistics.

If he really is playing for that reason and not to help win as many matches as he can for India then he is wasting his time and should retire immediately.”

He also said that Sachin’s form was in direct contrast to that of Brian Lara, who was fleet footed and aggressive in his play. Age and injuries have appeared to take a toll on the Indian, whilst the West Indian has continued to play in the natural style that has been his trademark for long.

Read the full text of Chappell’s article here

Chappell’s comments have been slammed by former players in the Indian media.

Former Indian wicketkeeper batsman Chandrakant Pandit said Tendulkar has played the game for long to judge himself and decide on retirement.

“Sachin Tendulkar is good enough to know his ability and approach towards the game. He is an experienced player and knows how long he should carry on playing,” Pandit said.

“With his experience, he knows what is required at that level, he is very much aware. He can judge himself better than anybody else. I don’t think anybody should advice him whether to continue or not,” he added.

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