The Indian Premier League is set to start up later this week.

Who will be the winners? Which individuals will make a name for themselves, who will be the also rans? This IPL will definetely see a lot of stellar performances, as players will be out to out do each other and the rival teams, as new contracts are on the horizon for the next year. This year’s performances will have a big impact on how the players are assessed in terms of their market value.

There will no doubt be a number of innovations as well. Harsha Bhogle analyses the innovations that may be on the cards in this excellent article here.

Darren Berry from Australia, who is also director of coaching for the Rajasthan Royals analyses the prospects of all the teams in this newspaper article here.

All in all, it promises to be a fascinating month of top class cricket ahead. Can hardly wait for the festivities to begin on Friday. Bring on the IPL!




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