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This complete guide combines the basics of coaching and cricket in one conscise resource.

Coaching Youth Cricket




  1. Anonymous says:

    I eagerly anticipated this book when it came through the post. Since everyone needs to keep on learning in a sport I was curious as to what the Australians were doing right. After all they excel at everything and are relitivley small.
    The book is , well ,textbook cricket (What else can you expect). The book talk everything well with animations and good narration. Unfortunatley I just did not learn anything new at all.
    Other books on this matter have taught m little tips like shuffling your feet before delivery or keeping your bat high like Graeme Gooch. Some have taught me how to get good power or what to exactly do in the field. This book was good if you want to teach someone very young in a orthodox fashion but for an adult who wants to almost cheat the game or just pick up that extra bit of knowledge I personally do not feel it adds anything.
    Hope this Helps
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. I did a lot of research into books to help me teach my two boys (9 and 6) and their friends a bit more about cricket. I love the game, and they are getting into it.

    This book is so helpful in giving me insights into coaching and the various forms of the game (kids arent nececarily interested in the purist forms of the game)

    Clear illustrations and plain English descriptions make this book a very easy to use reference. It’s well structured with everything from photocopyable score cards to tips and tricks on some of the more technical aspects.

    A great buy for any level of coach – experienced or ‘wannabe’ Future England / Yorkshire player father like m’self ;)
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Anonymous says:

    The book is written in plain language and provides clear guidance on how to introduce youngsters to the game of cricket. The enthusiasm for the game is obvious throughout the book. The authors have provided many useful coaching tips that will be appreciated by those involved in youth cricket and the practice games are a welcome addition to those normally included in coaching manuals. Overall a very useful coaching resource that I recommend to anyone who coaches youngsters.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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