Former England cricket coach David Lloyd answers some of the nagging questions that all fans of the sport have asked themselves since his decision to stand down from the post in 1999. Three years in one of sport’s most pressurised jobs left Lloyd–affectionately known as Bumble–to become vastly disillusioned at the hierarchical nature of English cricket’s upper echelons. Lloyd’s time, he writes, was being taken up more and more by the politics surrounding the sport–something which interested him much less than the more traditional day-to-day coaching side of the job. The former Lancashire batsman–and later coach of the same club–took over as boss of the national side in 1996 and set about the task of rebuilding the confidence in English cricket right down to grass roots level. But little did he know what would stand in his way. While it is true that Lloyd did not help his cause–with his forthright and frank rather than diplomatic attitude–it is clear his path to success was blocked deliberately, and the Accrington lad even goes so far as to say he feels he was ‘treated like a naughty schoolboy’. This book is a frank and enlightening account of Bumble’s three years in charge of England–and will clear up some of the up to now unanswered questions thrown up by his decision to quit as national coach. –Andrea Thursday

David Lloyd: The Autobiography – Anything But Murder



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  1. An enthralling read…A very funny man with his own inemitable style. You are carried along with his humour and tough talking style. David pulls no punches and tells you exactly what he thinks from his first cap at Lancashire to his role as Coach of England, where he was undoubteldy treated extremely shabbily. Some may say he challenges authority, but on reading this you feel he has his views and sticks to them, believing them to be right. I feel we could all learn a little bit from his forthwright style. Enjoy the book!!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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