This edition of Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack marks the final pre- millennial outing of possibly the most well known of all sports books. 1999 sees the 136th edition and also the first to number over 1,500 pages, each crammed with essential and diverting information for cricket enthusiasts. Wisden remains the bible of our summer game and rightly so. Full not only of statistical information, it also captures many other aspects of the game, and in doing so manages to capture its true flavour. Match and tour records sit comfortably alongside a varied miscellany of features.

As ever, the editor’s notes open up an interesting selection of articles, presenting a straight bat to many of the game’s most important issues. Matthew Engel does not shy from the heart of today’s issues, tackling betting scandals, racial discrimination in the game, the role of the MCC and also looking forward to the 1999 World Cup to be played in England. Those following the editor in the batting order include Peter Roebuck (on Graeme Hick), Mihir Bose (on corruption in the game) and Mickey Stewart (on changing strategies in one day cricket). According to tradition, five cricketers of the year are honoured, and, perhaps surprisingly, two Englishmen are chosen. Few, though, could argue with the choice of the popular Darren Gough.

It will shock nobody that this edition stands comparison to its predecessors as the classic guide for followers of cricket. More than that, however, it also achieves the editor’s aim, consisting of so much more than just a statistical compendium for the cricket fanatic. Wisden can now claim to provide a fascinating read for cricket followers of all shapes and sizes. –Trevor Crowe

Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack 1999



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Every year Wisden provides a yellow brick of paper to every cricket fan. It really does have everything that has ever happened in the history of cricket as well as everything that happened last season in imense detail. This year it seems to have improved yet again. Every figure is correct and for cricket zombies like myself, fascinating. It may just be that it expands in size [and price] every year but i have put this improvement down to the expertize of the Wisden team. Next year it will be bigger still and you can be sure i will have my copy. If you are as nutty about cricket as i am then i would encourage you to buy this book. NOW!. What are you waiting for, stop reading this and buy it hear. You won’t regret it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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