Darren Gough is one of England’s most popular sportsmen. Yorkshire born-and-bred, he has been the spearhead of the England cricket team’s bowling for the best part of a decade, and has accumulated over 200 test wickets. Dazzler is Gough’s story. In telling it he strays none too far from the beaten track of the standard sporting autobiography, but there’s plenty to tell as the narrative speeds through his various cricketing adventures with Yorkshire, and, in more detail, England. There aren’t too many surprises on the way, but there’s a lot of history there, and first-hand experience of the key men in English cricket since the mid-1990s. Gough offers an honest appraisal of England captains Atherton, Stewart and Hussain, and a frank view of England’s performances under their leadership, which as seasoned England-watchers will know, have not always been too pretty. Gough’s career has also pitched him against many of the world’s best players, and here he gives his views on Shane Warne (who unsurprisingly shares Gough’s taste for a cold beer), Glenn McGrath, and the Waugh twins amongst others. That the Australians are foremost in his mind is no accident–Gough makes no secret that he’d swap all his great moments to win back the Ashes from the world’s best side. More than even that, though, it’s Gough’s exuberance and energy that shines through most. His enthusiasm for the game seems endless, and turning the pages one can almost feel the energy of his famous hat trick at Sydney in the winter of 1998/9. And that, of course, is what has made Darren Gough so popular. –Trevor Crowe

Dazzler: The Autobiography




  1. Anonymous says:

    A gripping book that kept me reading the whole way through. Being a cricket fan, I knew the tales being told, however it was intriguing to hear what one of the professionals has to say and how they feel. The sense of achievement and disgust portrayed during the book, shows the other ‘side’ of sport and how players struggle to cope with international demands and fixtures. A brilliant read for any sportsman.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gough has the same flair for telling stories as he does for bowling yorkers! It is written very much in the style that I have heard him speaking in. You could almost hear him reciting the tales in the bar after the game.

    He provides background information to the recent matches that he has played in, and most enjoyably tells some off-the-field stories and tales about his fellow cricketers. It’s not vital to be a Yorkshire fan; indeed he focuses very little on his county game – moreso on the England set up.

    Overall a very enjoyable, entertaining and at some times laugh-out-loud read!
    Rating: 4 / 5

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