• English Willow
  • Suitable for use in Junior Level Cricket
  • The Choice of Michael Hussey, Tim Ambrose and Steven Davies
  • Large Sub-Continent style ‘Super Bow’
  • Huge profile with light ‘Pick-Up’
  • Expansive Driver
  • Naturally ‘Air Dried’
  • 12 Piece ‘Power Drive’ Sarawak cane handle
  • White ‘Max’ Grip
  • ‘Kookaburra Pre Prepared’
  • Padded Bat Cover

Product Description
The Kookaburra Ice 200 Cricket Bat utilises a lower Optimum Strike Zone with a Super Bow that gives you the power to perform to the highest levels and playa winning innings. The Ice is the choice of Mike Hussey and is designed for expansive driver who like to play orthodox shots with high impact. The Ice 400 is constructed from Selected Unbleached English Willow and is suitable for use in quality club cricket. Powerdrive: Kookaburra handles are made from 12 pieces of specially selected cane to offer strength and flexibility. Essential in providing vital control and power.KPP: Kookaburra Process through which each bat is pre-conditioned to reduce time in preparation before use.Max Grip: Specifically designed for exacting standards of modern cricket the Max Grip combines a secure grip for the top hand and the flexibility of the Players Grip on the bottom.AIR: Using the traditional process of air drying Kookaburra bats are seasoned to produce stronger hitting areas, helping to dwarf even the biggest boundaries.Hand Crafted: All Kookaburra bats are made by hand using the expert skills of the traditional bat maker.Dynamic Power: The Dynamic Power shaped face helping to maximise power by utilising a massive profile with a huge spine and huge edges.Super Bow: Kookaburra Ice combines a western style hitting area with an exaggerated Sub Continent style bow.

Kookaburra Ice 200 Cricket Bat




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