Product Description
The Mjolnir is Newberrys flag ship performance bat, packed with their latest technology to give you the best willow for your money. This classical English shaped blade has weight evenly distributed throughout to ensure a supremely light pick up and make the Mjolnir ideally suited to the all round stroke maker who wants a light bat that facilitates shots all round the wicket. The new subtle bow adds power and control to the bat, enhancing greatly its performance. Most strikingly about this bat is the New Carbon Core Handle which enables huge weight savings in the handle from the unique compostie material , which in turn allows more wood to be channelled into the hitting zone where it matters most. The Mjolnir makes massive hitting now possible without the heavy pick up typical of large profile bats. *Hand-crafted from specially selected home grown Grade 1 willow C6+ & SPS Version*Classical English bat shape with weight evenly distributed to ensure superb feel and pick-up*Huge profile in the hitting area thus ensuring a serious performance based product now with subtle bow for additional power*Oval handle with yellow grip *New AST 3×3 toe reinforcement for Anti-Split Toe protection (senior bats only)*New C6+ Carbon Core Technology option from 2. 5ozs*Senior bats available with Hammer-Edge option whilst Junior bats are Hammer-Edged as standard

NEWBERY Mjolnir 5 Star Junior Cricket Bat




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