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Do you know your flipper’s from your ducks or your leg spinners from your off spinners? This full colour book tells you everything you need to know to play and watch cricket like a pro, including top tips, detailed diagrams, and fascinating trivia. Packed with exciting photographs of cricket stars in action, this book is a must for fans of this much-loved game. By Gavin Mortimer.

The Ultimate Guide to Cricket




  1. I have not bought this book as I was looking for a book for coaching for my son.As I went through the contents and looked on page “Cricket Globally”, it was so sad to see the names of all cricket countries expect India,Pakistan, Srilanka,Bangladesh on world map. I could not decide it was deliberate,unintentional or ignorance to miss the names of such important countries.So Ithought if this author can not see such a big omission how he can write a an “ULIMATE Book”

    Dr Iqil Naqvi

    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. J. Dopson says:

    I bought this book knowing very little about cricket, and found it a fun and informative guide. I even managed to teach my boyfriend (a huge cricket fan) a fact or two! I think the confusion from the other reviewer comes from the ‘Search Inside’ feature on this website – it only shows you one page of a double page spread of a map of the world. I can vouch for the fact that all of the cricketing countries he mentions (and more) are included!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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