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Biography of Don Bradman with interesting insights into his impact on the Australian nation. 1st edition 1996.

Bradman: An Australian Hero




  1. P. DATTA says:

    Bradman by Charles Williams is an excellent biography on Don Bradman, which is colorfully insighted. We learn a great about Don Bradman from various angles which include his early childhood, first class cricket career and his international career.

    What a player Don Bradman proved to turn out? An average of 99.94, which is highest test career average and will be an impossible challenge for any modern day player to surpass. He was a hard hitting batman, gentleman, excellent captain and introverted character. He has established a legacy in cricketing sporting history and one of the true legends of Australian cricket. Can anyone match his genius? Only history will tell.

    The biography is a very intersting and enjoyable read on this Australian cricket legend. If you have a passion for cricket and want to learn about the history of the game, read this biography.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. This fine biography by Lord Williams is a great attempt at placing Sir Donald Bradman within the context of Australian history.
    From Bradman’s upbringing in Bowral through to his exploits on the cricket field, Williams links his story to that of the nation, and the description of The Depression in the 1930s enables us to understand why Bradman was so important to Austarlia and beyond.
    There have been many studies of the late Sir Donald Bradman, but this one is readable, and should appeal to people even beyond the boundary of cricket.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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