“Although the finest batsman the world has ever seen, he played his cricket with the creed of keeping it simple and that line of thinking has continued throughout the pages and photographs in this book … it is brilliant.”

Praise indeed from the great Richie Benaud, the endorsement for The Art of Cricket is certainly well deserved.

Illustrated throughout with black-and-white pictures of Bradman in action, as well as line drawings to illuminate certain tactics, this book offers a fully comprehensive guide to improving your game from one of the biggest cricket legends the world has ever seen.

Chapters on the basics such as batting, bowling, wicket keeping and equipment are followed by higher level advice on running out, captaincy, coaching and a host of other subjects that will ensure all-round competence. Simple, clear, easy-to-follow instructions make this book ideal for any age or skill level–just bring dedication!

The Art of Cricket



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bradman’s place in the game of cricket is immortal, and this book is one of the great manuals for learning to play the game well.

    Its focus is more on batting, as that is where The Don was at his greatest, but there is much useful discussion of bowling, and a great chapter on why the ball swings. Perhaps the weakest chapter is on captaincy, rather surprising as Bradman was a brilliant captain. For a good book on captaincy, see Mike Brearley’s “The Art of Captaincy.”

    If you want to learn to bat like the greatest batsman, based on his own techniques, this is the book for you. Combine it with his video “How to Play Cricket” (based on his 1934 film) and you are in excellent shape.

    Thoroughly recommended.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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