Product Description
Drive. Cut. Sweep. Repeat. The 2009 Puma Ballistic delivers intense speed enabling consistent, high velocity shots all around the park.Presenting a brand new attacking profile the Ballistic features a huge hitting zone with contoured, thick edges and a more powerful swell to transfer energy and power with speed and precision.With an original oval handle, a unique Puma Cell cushioned grip and composite toe protector it provides excellent feel and durability. Fitted with a top quality double spring and multi-piece natural cane handle the 5000 is engineered for superior balance, flex and gargantuan driving power.The 5000 is individually pressed for superb construction and gets expert treatment and inspection from the Puma Master Batmakers.The 5000 is made from premium unbleached and naturally seasoned Grade 1 English willow, hand-selected for a superior combination of weight, premium grain structure and high performance characteristics.

PUMA Ballistic 5000Y Junior Cricket Bat




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