• Test Match quality (Level 5)
  • Traditional Cane rods
  • Integral HDF Thigh Protection PU Faced
  • Three Piece external Knee Roll
  • Contour Knee Roll
  • Tri-Section Removable Shin Bolster
  • 9 Cane Width Lead Leg
  • Durable Synthetic instep
  • 50mm Calf & Ankle with 50mm Hook & Loop, 25mm Knee with 25mm Hook & Loop

Product Description
Kookaburra Ice 850 Batting Pads.

Profile : Test Match quality Level 5.

Impact Protection :
Traditional Cane rods.
Integral HDF PU Faced Thigh Protection.
Three Piece external Knee Roll.
Contour Knee Roll.
Tri – Section Removable Shin Bolster.

Additional Features :
9 Cane Width Lead Leg.
Durable Synthetic instep.

Straps :
50mm Calf and Ankle with 50mm Hook and Loop, 25mm Knee with 25mm Hook and Loop.

Kookaburra Ice 850 Batting Legguard




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