Class of ’59 is a book which will delight collectors of the rare cricket cards from this era.

The “golden age” of cricket in this country spawned a batch of sporting stars in a class which the sport has not seen since.

These legends include household names such as Fred Trueman, Trevor Bailey, Frank Tyson and Brian Close, as well as many others who dominated the headlines in the days when County Cricket was at its most popular.

Forty years ago a set of collectors’ cards was issued commemorating the achievements of the most talented 48 cricket stars of that time. And this book chronicles the careers of those cricketers–where possible–in their own words.

The players talk of their most memorable games and their proudest moments, and the book includes their batting/bowling figures.

It is a fascinating collection which aficionados of the game will see as an essential addition to their bookshelves. Class of ’59 carries life-size pictures of all of the 48 extremely rare and much sought-after cards around which the book is written.

The appendix includes word-for-word transcripts of the information on the rear of each of the originals–probably one of the few places apart from the cards where this material can be found in its entirety.

Author Chris Westcott writes of the “monumental” task of tracking down all the information which went into his 40th anniversary tribute to the production of the cards: “Over the last three years the search has taken me across the length and breadth of the UK, to South Africa and Australia and has become something of a driving obsession”.

The fact that Westcott has managed to cram so much first-hand material into his impressive book makes it a great read for any fan of cricket. –Andrea Thursday

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