• Concave crafted spine for a super light pick up
  • Kashmir Willow
  • Weight Range 2lb 7oz to 2lb 10oz
  • Power Handle of oval premium cane delivers power, feel, grip and performance
  • Pre knocked in
  • Contoured Toe delivers a light pick up
  • Power Bow helps deliver power and control
  • Xtreme Edge Profile provides enlarged sweetspot for maximum response.

Product Description
The Slazenger V1 is brand new for 2010 and has been developed to suit players that employ precision to get the better of their opponents. Ultra lightweight with the concave back spine ensuring incredible pick up and sensational manoeuvrability allowing for all round stroke play and an increased average.Constructed from hand selected performance English Willow that is traditionally crafted and pressed to deliver optimum performance. Features a Power Handle that is made from premium cane and oval shaped to deliver improved power, feel, grip and performance.This bat is pre knocked in and utilises a toe guard to ensure durability and performance from the outset. The contoured toe is designed to further enhance the impressive pick up whilst the subtle bow employed helps to deliver increased power and control.The Extreme Edge Profile delivers an enlarged sweet spot for maximum response allowing you to get in, stay in and punish the bowlers to all areas of the oval.

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