• Professional unbleached English Willow
  • Suitable for use in Test Match and First Class Cricket
  • The choice of Phil Hughes and Eoin Morgan
  • Ultralight pick-up, raised spine profile ideal for razor fast bat speed
  • Power Plus ‘Dynamic Power’ shaped face
  • Naturally ‘Air Dried’
  • Hand crafted for optimum ‘Pick-up to Power’ ratio
  • 12 Piece ‘Power Drive’ Sarawak cane handle
  • Fluo Yellow ‘Maxi’ grip
  • ‘Kookaburra Pre Prepared’

Product Description
The Blade 750 Bat has a unique design providing a huge profile with minimal weight. Increased speed of shot gives you the edge at the highest level.
The choice of Phil Hughes, Eoin Morgan.

Player Profile:
Improvising Shot Maker.

Product Profile:
Professional Unbleached English Willow.
Ultralight pick up, raised profile spine, ideal for razor fast bat speed.
Power Plus Dynamic Power Shaped Face.
12 Piece Power Drive Sarawak Cane Handle .
Oval Handle.

Additional Features:
Fluo Yellow Max Grip.
Kookaburra Pre Prepared KPP .
Naturally Air Dried.

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