Product Description
OBO’s revolutionary new Leg Protectors are 60 percent lighter than old style pads. Lightness on your feet translates to being faster between the wickets without compromising on protection. In fact the P2 leg protectors are designed to withstand ball speeds up to 85 mph!

There is no soft area around the knee which means no pain on impact and the 3D moulding and anatomical shaping gives a snug fit without tight restricting straps. There is no uncomfortable strap behind the knee. This combination gives a greater freedom of movement and reduces fatigue. The ‘comfortliners’ against the leg absorb sweat and are easy to remove, wash and dry quickly.

So why have we compromised for so long? Better protection, better speed, better mobility, better comfort and better durability are all features you will experience with OBO P2 Leg Protectors.

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