Product Description
Adidas’ cricket equipment range has been developed with the mantra of ‘Listen, Test, Modify’ to create equipment that performs exceptionally on the field but also remains true to the traditions of the game.The Adidas Pellara Elite Bat is endorsed by England’s big hitter, Kevin Pietersen and is designed with a low long for the player who loves to get forward and challenge the bowler. Made from grade 1 English willow for unmatched quality and durability.The 2010 Pellara now features a new ridged profile allowing for a larger middle whilst retaining balance. This allows you to maximise your scoring opportunities when attacking, as the pick-up is simultaneously balanced.The oval 9 cane handle is exceptionally comfortable allowing you to focus on the ball and perform at your best throughout your innings.Adidas specific toe guard and grip guard provide increased durability whilst the striking Yellow and black three stripe graphics will match your mesmerising stroke play.

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