Product Description
As a cricketer, choosing the right protection will help you to feel secure and comfortable at the crease. Feeling comfortable will provide focus and allow you to concentrate on timing the ball so you can consistently break your highest score. The GM range is used by former England captain and sweet-striking batsman Michael Vaughan. The Original Limited Edition gloves offer international quality protection. The palms are made with Pittard Armortan leather to provide great water repellency, perspiration resistance and breathability. A combination of a lycra back of hand, horizontal bolsters to the 3rd and 4th fingers and multi-layered individual overflaps to the first two fingers of the bottom hand help to provide superb feel, great flexibility and maximum protection. Further protection and manoeuvrability is provided by the new Tri-chevron overflaps, foam underlay and three-piece side bar protection, for a complete and supportive glove.

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