Product Description
With its origins in 20/20 cricket where big hitting and power reigns supreme and clearing the rope is king, the Uzi’s unique design is now used in all forms of the game due to its powerful performance and lightweight pick-up. The Uzi features a shorter blade with longer handle, allowing the weight and mass to be located primarily around the ‘middle’ of the blade, creating a standard bat length with exceptional force, pick-up and feel. Its power is enhanced by combining its enormous profile with the longer Fish-Fin handle with orange grip to maximise flex that generates velocity and speed of your shot. This can only mean bigger hits and bigger boundaries. Constructed with extreme skill and care the SPS is handcrafted from specially selected home grown grade 1 English willow to deliver sensational feel, durability and a powerful sweet spot. It is hammer edged as standard which features toe guard, pre-oiled, pre-knocked in and hammer-edge sheet fitted providing excellent durability and reliability and is ready to play with straight away.

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