Product Description
Aero P1 Protection is designed to withstand even the most brutal impacts thrown up by the unpredictable game of cricket. The Aero P1 Lower Body Protector v6.0 sets the standard with full coverage provided by front, hip and buttock protection. Protection like this will keep you confident no matter what pace the bowler.This new model has a re-worked hip and buttock protection zone with a larger better positioned rear thigh pad.The 3D moulded construction ensures that the protector always stays in place with a waistband that has two fitting options to ensure a great fit. Integrated design allows for natural movement and mobility giving you the freedom to exploit any weakness in the bowling attack with your impeccable technique.Mid Knee to top of Pelvic Bone: S=19-20″, M=20.5-22″, L=22.5-24″, XL=24.5″+

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