Product Description
The Puma Kinetic 4000X features a design inspired by the abundance of kinetic energy during play on the cricket pitch to provide you with high speed performance, attacking power and perfect timing.The hitting zone of this bat is responsive and impressive having bee positioned higher up the bat for high energy driving. This combined with a sharp spine means that driving power is focussed precisely for maximum impact and speed.Contemporary styling, super lightweight construction and flashes of colour define the Kinetic collection for 2010.Features include contoured edges for power and stability, engineered blade profiling for lightweight, balance, control, and focussed power, moulded Puma toe protector, large profile with large hitting zone, oval handle for optimum grip, unique two two colour latex grip and a focus on dynamic driving power and attacking stroke play.The 4000X is constructed from good quality unbleached and naturally seasoned Grade 2 English Willow. Fitted with a good quality double spring, multi-piece natural cane handle engineered for superior balance, flex and driving power.X Bats are extra prepared by Puma’s bat maker in England with rounded off leading edges with the hitting area being knocked in and lightly oiled with a protective anti scuff face applied.

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