Product Description
The Gunn & Moore Icon DXM 808 GM+ 5 Star Cricket Bat is designed to produce intense amounts of power allowing you to send the ball to the boundary with disdain no matter the quality of bowler you’re up against.Featuring a surprisingly light pick allowing you to swish the blade about with abandon and minimise fatigue during those marathon innings’.Shock Absorba Grip takes away the sting and vibration preventing fatigue and ensuring total comfort during your innings.This is a GM powerarc blade treated with GM DriGuard for extra water repellency, preventing toe swelling and adding durability.Massive GM+ edges.Made from the very best unbleached seasoned Grade 2 English Willow fitted with a top quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control, GM NOW! and ToeTek┢ finish is fitted as standard.

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