Product Description
Aero Batting Hand Protectors BHPs are moulded to get your hands ready to grip the bat with virtually no assistance from the forearm muscles, reducing muscle fatigue over extended innings. Multi-layered hi-impact foams are 3D moulded to create unsurpassed levels of hand protection, as well as significantly reducing weight and profile. The patented air flow design allows the air to breeze across the back of your hands creating an amazing cooling effect. High performance Amara/silicon leather palms create unparalleled grip in sweaty conditions. The BHPs come with a BatGrip thats designed specifically to work with the hand protectors to provide that astonishing grip, along with two wrist sweatbands. The BHPs are warranted for 12 months ONLY when used in conjunction with the Aero Bat Grip. Aero Batsman Hand Protectors will not only give you a significant performance advantage over old style gloves, youll soon forget youre wearing any hand protection at all!

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