Product Description
Kookaburra has designed batting pads suitable for all levels of player that will provide the right amount of protection to suit your needs. From professional to junior level, choosing the right protection helps you to feel secure and comfortable at the crease, so you can stay focused on your game.The Blade 200 by Kookaburra is a high quality (level 2) pad designed for the club cricketer looking for superb comfort and protection. Featuring traditional cane rods this is a lightweight and non-restrictive pad for the nimble footed player.Padding and protection is provided by integral high-density foam thigh protection a Protex 3-piece external contour knee roll and single section shin bolster. In addition it features a 9 cane width ambidextrous design with a durable ‘Tough Scuff’ synthetic instep for superb shock absorption and excellent mobility.

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