Product Description
Covered in tradition with a modern-day focus on performance, Newbery cricket protection is for the astute cricketer who embraces the traditional roots but deliver the big hits and entertainment of today’s game. The Newbery Uzi leg guard provides superb levels of protection, combining comfort and mobility to make a reliable pad that will take care of you and allow you to keep focused out in the middle. An ultra-light PU fronted pad in the traditional cane design with a seven bar configured outer shell and classic top hat, the Uzi provides great manoeuvrability encouraging a free-flowing and unrestricted batting performance. Featuring rounded high-density foam providing low-rebound and good shock absorption the Uzi encourages freedom of movement for an unrestricted batting performance. With a retro orange and black look it also features new white cushioned straps for further comfort and support at the crease.

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