Product Description
The Gray Nicolls Oblivion Cricket Bat is brand new for 2011 with Gray Nicolls using its heritage and knowledge of bat making to introduce the Oblivion. With mirrored cosmetics and distinctively large lower middle profile, the Oblivion creates the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Ideally suited to front foot play all around the ground.The Oblivion features a maximum edge height to enhance its powerful profile giving you performance that’ll inspire confidence at the crease with shots that fly off the face of the bat. The added benefit of the maximum edge height is enhanced pick up allowing you to time your shots with ease.Also features a low blade profile with low bow and a handle with a 12 piece cane construction in a semi oval design for comfort at the crease.Made from Grade Three specially selected English Willow, with a traditional cane handle, the Five Star is a pre-prepared blade and has been oiled and fitted with Extratec and Protec protection to improve rebound performance.

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