• New for 2011
  • Traditional style cane fronted leg guard
  • New design vertical shin and knee bolsters for extra comfort
  • Internal knee cup for maximum padding on high impact area

Product Description
As a cricketer, choosing the right protection will help you to feel secure and comfortable at the crease. Feeling comfortable and well protected enables you to focus and play with the utmost confidence for longer. The Gray-Nicolls range of leg guards have been designed with International cricketer?s insight for a professional performance.The brand new for 2011 Powerbow Test leg guards are a traditional cane fronted leg guard and give excellent protection featuring a unique instep system for maximum wrap around. Newly designed vertical and knee bolsters offer breathability and a superb fit making this pad extremely comfortable. The internal knee cup offers maximum protection in the area that is at most risk to impacts ensuring total protection.Featuring mesh lining to reduce moisture in any climate making this pad a great top of the range choice to keep you secure and focused. In addition a combination of easy thread padded straps and easy clean facing provide superb durability.

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