Product Description
FLIPPER INCREDIBALL You will not find a training aid much better then this. This exclusive UPFRONT product is ideal for a vast range of cricket skills. This ball is available in Adult or Junior sizes. Please state size when paying. This semi-hard plastic ball is suitable for : Leg spin or off spin – you can see how much spin you are imparting on the ball…Monty had better watch out! You can practice OUT-SWING or IN-SWING. Polish one side – grip and release the ball in the prescribed way – and watch the seam position as the ball goes down the wicket. If you haven’t been able to swing before or if swing bowling was a mystery then this ball will clarify everything. There is much less chance of being injured with this ball. So this ball is ideal for catching, batting and fielding drills. This ball is superb for wicket-keeping practice. An extremely versatile ball for children and adults.

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