Product Description

Built for increased power and faster airspeed
leading to more 6′s and 4′s

Re-designed for the 20 over game. Total length of the bat is the normal 34″ so there is no need to change batting technique. Extra long 9 piece cane handle. Length of the blade is 19 inches. This design of bat gives much greater leverage then the traditional bat. Greater leverage equate to greater power. The long handle allows easy switching to the opposite sided shots. For example if you were a right-handed batter you would just move the top(left)hand to below the right hand to enable you to play a left-handed shot.

Top grade Kashmir willow. Fitted with 2 fish scale grips. Fitted toe guard.

This bat needs knocking-in.

Get the UPFRONT twenty20 cricket bat twenty 20 20: 2lb 9oz now!




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