Product Description
The Kookaburra CCX 450 features a revolutionary new shape that enhances driving power and maintains ‘pick up’. This bat is suitable for aggressive stroke makers who enjoy taking it to the bowlers with flair. This is bat is constructed from Premier Unbleached English Willow and is suitable for use in Premier League Level Club Cricket.Features: ODP: ODP places the exaggerated swell of the blade in exactly the right place to hit the middle more often, resulting in more boundaries and runs for your team.KPP: Kookaburra Process through which each bat is pre-conditioned to reduce time in preparation before use.Max Grip: Specifically designed for exacting standards of modern cricket the Max Grip combines a secure grip for the top hand and the flexibility of the Players Grip on the bottom.AIR: Using the traditional process of air drying Kookaburra bats are seasoned to produce stronger hitting areas, helping to dwarf even the biggest boundaries.Hand Crafted: All Kookaburra bats are made by hand using the expert skills of the traditional bat maker.Dynamic Power: The Dynamic Power shaped face helping to maximise power by utilising a massive profile with a huge spine and huge edges.Power Plus: The unique flat face on the blade model yields greater contact with the ball during stroke play resulting in better timing and contact.

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