Product Description
The Gray-Nicolls Powerbow Carbo is all about defined, concentrated and extensive power. Its construction is intended to give a batsman range on their shots, so even if you don’t catch it just right, you should be clearing the rope with authority.As its name suggests the Powerbow has an exaggerated bow to the lower blade, bursting with power, whilst still maintaining a lightweight pick up allowing you to get into position quickly.Sporting a steeper spine profile that focuses the re-distribution of weight into the hitting area, the Powerbow has a massive edge profile creating a huge sweet spot that encourages you to play aggressively. The Carbo features a flex Carbon Fibre handle for extra reinforcement and superb stability. Fitted with the Pyramid grip as standard for total comfort and stability at the crease.Made from Grade Two specially selected English Willow, the Carbo is a pre-prepared blade and has been oiled and fitted with Extratec and Protec protection to improve rebound performance.

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