Product Description
KINETIC energy is defined as the energy of a body in motion: the faster a cricket ball is driven through the outfield, the more kinetic energy it has and the harder it becomes to slow it down. Its all about high speeds, attacking power and perfect timing.
The hitting zone is impressive and rewarding, positioned higher up the blade to ensure high energy driving and excellent balance. Combined with a sharp spine and contoured profiling, power is delivered exactly as required.
Reducing bat weight without compromising performance remains a key objective of the Kinetic profile. Maximizing driving power is the aim but at the same time the blade needs to feel light and perfectly balanced.
Eye catching styling, cutting edge design lines and a focus on lightweight construction define the Kinetic collection of Cricket product for 2011. Impressive product and a wild flash of colour brings your energy to life.
The Puma Kinetic FORCE Junior Cricket Bat is made from KASHMIR Willow.

Improved attacking profile for 2011.
Dynamic contours with the focus on a large hitting zone and a responsive spine shape.
Focus on precision driving power with great control.
Contoured shape results in impressive shot power and blade stability.
Sophisticated blade profiling removes weight from the blade where possible without reducing driving power and feel.
Leading edges are rounded in production to improve durability and minimize the risk of edges.
Moulded PUMA toe protector is fitted as standard to improve durability and reduce moisture uptake.
Brand new cosmetics for 2011 with high quality English made labels: PVC free.
New grip design with two high visibility colour bands and an improved hexagon grip texture.
Fitted with an oval handle for optimum grip and control.

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