Product Description
The Calibre range from Puma refers to mental capacity and a high degree of excellence. It has been developed to make a bold statement, with bright colours that stand out from the crowd and define the best in product and performance. This range is a case of contemporary styling matched with outstanding quality.The Calibre range brings with a bat that has an improved attacking profile for 2011, with a large hitting zone, responsive spine shape and dynamic contours that focus on driving power with great control. The oval handle, with impressive grip and control, has two high visibility colour bands with an improved hexagon grip texture.This is a sophisticated blade that has been reduced in weight, but without compromising on the power it produces. Leading edges are rounded in production to improve durability and minimize the risk of edges to the wicket keeper, while there is a moulded toe protector fitted to improve durability and reduce moisture intake.As a 6000 model, this bat has been hand pressed and made to professional specification. Made from unbleached and naturally seasoned Grade 1 English willow, this has been hand selected for the best possible combination of weight, grain structure and performance. This bat has also been fitted with a top quality double spring, multi-piece natural cane handle, engineered for supreme balance, flex and driving power.Bats don’t get any better than this.

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