Product Description
The B52 Bomber is influenced by the aggressive, big-hitting style of Asian cricket, where you’ll see as many boundaries as you will quick singles. Its pronounced bow will have your boundaries going further than ever.The B52′s beautifully styled profile with thickened edges manages to obtain a fantastic pick-up for good positioning, and a sweeping pendulum style of batting motion to make sure you catch its ferocious middle.Its brutish and powerful profile moves the weight towards the bottom of the blade encouraging sweeps, pulls and big hits down the ground where you’ll get the maximum most often.Constructed with extreme skill and care the SPS is handcrafted from specially selected home grown grade 1 English willow to deliver sensational feel, durability and a powerful sweet spot.With an oval handle and silver grip it is available with hammer edge option which is a pre-knocking in service from Newbery which adds excellent durability and reliability.

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