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Cycling to the Ashes – Oli Broom

I received a copy of Oli Broom’s “Cycling to the Ashes” a couple of weeks ago (hat tip to Louise from Random House, UK for sending this to me all the way from the UK to Melbourne, Australia).

Here is my copy.

Oli has done what a number of us desire – he has followed his dreams and lived life & every moment to the fullest. This takes real courage, commitment and a positive mindset.

Riding from London to Brisbane is no mean feat. Oli was a chartered surveyor working in London, he gave it all up to pursue his twin passion of cycling long distances and of course cricket. Oli starts his journey in London and some 15,000 miles later arrives in time for the first Ashes Test in Brisbane in 2010.

There are people, places, cultures and stand out moments through out the journey.

The book is an easy read, even though it is 364 pages long. The style is humorous, the anecdotes inspirational. The interaction with all the people that Oli meets along the way and sense of adventure stays with one long after the book has been finished. It is an incredible journey & the adventure of a lifetime all rolled into one.

cycling to the ashes book

You can find out more about Oli Broom and the book here.




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