“Interested in writing about cricket and getting read world wide?”

Dear Reader,

Since starting cricketviewpoint.com we have been overwhelmed with the response. We did of course expect to get readers from the Test playing nations. And we have got them.

But what has staggered us is readership from places such as Sweden, Japan and Finland! Cricket is truly international now.

Which brings me to a very important question.

Would you like to contribute to this site?

You should know up front it doesn’t pay but maybe you are interested in seeing your work here. Importantly, you are also interested in others seeing
your work. Globally.

If so, here is what we are currently on the lookout for.

Covering the matches

We are looking for a few individuals with strong, distinct writing voices.

If you are already a cricket personality, a current or ex Test or One Day International or domestic cricket player or a well known cricket writer – we will feature you as an expert on the site & your articles as featured articles and provide you with links back to your own web site or Twitter/Facebook page.

If have a cricket-blog, or have your own forum for writing about cricket – that is fine as well, we are happy to feature you.

The site is also intended for the following two types of writers:

1. You want to make it eventually in the game of cricket reporting.

You aspire to become the next Harsha Bhogle, Jonathan Agnew, or Christopher Martin-Jenkins in the future.

This will provide you the perfect platform to hone your skills, build your portfolio, personal brand equity and reach out to a global audience.

2. You just love discussing and reporting on the game

On the other hand, you may not have any aspirations to be a career cricket writer. Maybe you just love discussing and reporting on the game.

In either case, you are the perfect contributor to the site.

We are looking for reports on the games being played Test Cricket and One Day Cricket.

In addition to covering the matches, you could write about any aspect related to the game of cricket (within reason of course).

Umpires, players, selections, the selectors, cricket tours, cricket grounds, cities, cricket equipment, training, player interviews, rules, decisions- all
are fair game for discussion.

It could be perspectives and/or off-beat point of views.

Let the passion flow.

In short, anything and everything related to the game of cricket.

Ready to contribute? If so,

The next step would be to¦

Drop us a note at cricketviewpoint (at) gmail.com or on the contact us form.

If you are serious and interested, please send us a sample entry, writing on any cricket topic that catches your fancy.

If you know anyone else who may be interested in writing, let them know of this offer.

We are also open to other ideas and suggestions – if you have another idea on how you might like to contribute we are all ears (or eyes).

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,



PS: Why wait? If you are interested drop us a line now!